At Lammack Primary School, we intend to ensure that all children are able to think mathematically, solve problems and reason, using appropriate skills, concepts and knowledge. This is delivered through rich and enjoyable mathematics lessons, which utilise a cross-curricular approach. Daily mathematics lessons take place throughout school, from Foundation Stage to Year 6, and are based on the expectations of the EYFS and the National Curriculum for Mathematics. At Lammack, we intend to ensure that lessons are engaging and challenging, drawing upon a wide range of teaching styles and strategies, in order to cater for individual learners.

Through these lessons, our goal is to ensure that all children:

  • develop and nurture self-confidence in their ability to deal with mathematics and a positive attitude towards the subject;
  • are able to work systematically and co-operatively, and display resilience;
  • are able to think logically and independently;
  • experience a sense of achievement regardless of age or ability;
  • understand the appropriate underlying skills, concepts and knowledge of number, measurement, shape, space and statistics;
  • are able to apply previously acquired concepts, skills, knowledge and understanding;
  • are introduced to new and previously unfamiliar situations and problems, both in school and out;
  • are able to communicate ideas, experiences and questions clearly and fluently with peers and adults, using appropriate mathematical language;
  • are aware of the uses of mathematics beyond the classroom;
  • are encouraged to use mental calculations and efficient, written strategies for calculations and to solve problems.

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